Dual Purpose Ovens

Dual Purpose Ovens

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Dual Purpose Ovens

The Dual Purpose Oven And Incubator combines the advantage of two temperature ranges in one unit through the use of a simple high/low switch.  Higher temperatures for oven or steriliser use on the high setting and standard incubator settings on the low range.

Features of Dual Purpose Ovens

  1. 10 sizes 6 to 200 litres
  2. Temperature range:
  3. Ambient +5º to 250ºC (Dual Range)
  4. Fluctuation +/- 0.25ºC @ 37ºC
  5. +/- 0.75ºC @ 100 ºC
  6. Easy clean powder coated body
  7. Aluminium coated mild steel chamber
  8. Direct reading thermostat
  9. Safety overheat thermostat