Ducted Fume Cupboard

Ducted Fume Cupboard

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Ducted Fume Cupboard

The Ducted Fume Cupboard is a fixed, ducted fume cupboard with laminated glass side panels, equally suitable for prep room use and chemistry practical work to A level and beyond. Four standard widths up to 1800mm are available often a 1000mm unit is specified for students' use in the classroom, whilst a 1200mm wide unit is preferred for the prep room. Laboratory technicians appreciate the excellent build quality of the Ducted Fume Cupboard for daily use, and the large working area afforded by the 1200mm wide unit with its built-in sink.

Specification of Ducted Fume Cupboard

Average inflow Optimum

0.45 m/s Min

working aperture

200mm high

Max working aperture

400mm high

Control Panel & Light Voltage

230V 50Hz 1ph