Electroluminescence System

Electroluminescence System

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Electroluminescence System

Electroluminescence System is an electroluminescence metrology system that integrates epi wafer spectral and electrical testing into one, simple, intuitive test environment. It provides immediate data without any wafer preparation for device-level quality control at the epi wafer stage.

Technical Details:

  • Accurate and repeatable forward and reverse IV characteristics at Epi wafer stage
  • Characterizes current-induced spectral intensity, wave length, and spectral width
  • Provides long-term Vf accuracy and repeatability via patent-pending probe and edge contact design
  • Using advanced IV modeling offers strong correlation with device-level measurements
  • Speeds up the collection of critical measurements from days to minutes
  • Provides immediate feedback on MOCVD process quality, with no wafer preparation required
  • Delivers multi-point inspection in less than a minute with non destructive test probes
  • Correlation to device-level measurements provides an early warning of process shifts, reducing the risk of incurring expensive scrap
  • Accurate wavelength and Vf variation minimize end-of-line binning and improve yield
  • Programmable stage and automation software streamline usability for reduced quality control and process development time and costs