Electronic Xenon Arc Testing Color Fastness Tester

Electronic Xenon Arc Testing Color Fastness Tester

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Electronic Xenon Arc Testing Color Fastness Tester


  1. Control cabinet and test chamber are installed together
  2. Test chamber inner shell is funnel type, shaking fan help recycle the dust
  3. Special dust collector
  4. Use flake radiating heat tube P.I.D. control heat to reach the temperature balance
  5. Use high speed specialized fan to blow the test dust to test space
  6. Use vibration motor to shake and recycle the dust to dust collector from the inner chamber wall
  7. RS-232 communication interface, could be used for monitoring and remote control the system, record the test data.


Workshop size(mm)




Temperature and 

humidity scale

1,the blackboard temperature (irradiation temperature):40~110 centigrade

; condensation temperature range: RT+10~100 centigrade

2, humidity range:85percent ~98percent (plus or minus 3percent R.H)

 (optional add compressor dehumidification,humidity range is20~98percent R,H)

Main technical 


Xenon are lamp power: 2 kw air-cooled is suitable for CZ 280XD type;

 3.3kw air-cooled is suitable for CZ 800XD type; 6kw water is suitable 

for CZ-1200XD type;

1, the wind is 1.5m/s 

2, total radiation strength is 1150+10percent  w/m2;

3, sample frame speed is 0.75~1.25r/min (adjustable),360degree rotating  

sample frame,rotary table is divided into 3 layer, each layer sample frame 

size is 210 mm, each layer samples within the framework of the installation

test sample size is 210 mm*70mm 

4, rainfall time:0~99 minutes adjustable;   

5, light source: air-cooled xenon are lamp; 

6, xenon lamp power: 2kw,3.3kw,6kw     

7, control system :pro temperature and humidity irradiance xenon lamp 


8, characteristics of the equipment : with illumination, get wet in the rain ,

temperature, humidity, and climate conditions

9, radiation intensity:500 w/m2;     

10, wavelength :350~850nm