Flash Diffusivity Analyzers

Flash Diffusivity Analyzers

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Flash Diffusivity Analyzers

Discovery Laser Flash source module is a freestanding unit employing a custom Glass laser pulse source. It provides a collimated, monochromatic energy pulse to specimens heated up to the temperature of 1600°C. The laser radiation is delivered via a proprietary fiber optic delivery wand which ensures a 99% homogenized laser pulse. Leading to much more accurate measurements than any direct firing laser pulse instruments. The laser source produces a 300 µs to 400 µs pulse width.

Features of Flash Diffusivity Analyzers

  1. Glass Laser pulse source
  2. Alumina muffle tube furnace; vacuum up to 10-3 Torr
  3. Room Temperature to 1600oC operation
  4. High Power Heater
  5. Six sample carousel that holds 12.7mm diameter specimen
  6. Data acquisition: 16 bits
  7. Air, purge gas, and vacuum Atmosphere