Flexible Inertia Brake Dynamometer

Flexible Inertia Brake Dynamometer

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Flexible Inertia Brake Dynamometer

Flexible Inertia Brake Dynamometer test brakes can be mounted to the testing station as traditional brake disc and caliper assemblies as well as reusable assemblies with a standardized wheel bearing. In addition, structures with original parts such as wheel bearing and steering knuckle are mountable to the tailstock. ,Suspension strut assemblies and complete axle structures can be utilized.

Due to the precise inertia simulation and state-of-the-art test brake control, investigations are conducted under realistic operating conditions. Depending on the installed options, climatic tests from -20°C up to +50°C can be performed. Depending on the customers’ requirements, the Universal can be configured with a double wing door or a sliding test chamber.

Features of Flexible Inertia Brake Dynamometer


  1. Compact plug & play design
  2. Including DIDAC tailstock for accurate brake torque measurement
  3. Dynamometer already pre-wired
  4. First commissioning already completed prior to shipping
  5. One single transport unit including electronic cabinets
  6. Installation directly on factory floor, no seismic foundation block required
  7. Mechanical inertia simulation with base inertia and two attachable flywheels
  8. Powerful electric motor for accurate electrical inertia simulation