Floor Mounted Fume Hood

Floor Mounted Fume Hood

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Floor Mounted Fume Hood

Floor Mounted Fume Hood is designed to provide comfortable space when users have to deal with large apparatus and hazardous containers. Floor Mounted Fume Hood is built with horizontal or vertical sliding sashes for ease of access when transporting apparatus into the hood. Although this type of fume hood is sometimes denoted as a walk-in fume hood, it is a misnomer. The user must not enter the hood while an activity generating hazardous fumes exists or when suspected concentration of fumes exists inside the chamber.

Features of Floor Mounted Fume Hood

  1. Tri-wall construction for maximum robustness.
  2. Chain and Sprocket Sash support system.
  3. Hood lighting is pre-wired. Lighting is electronically ballasted, energy efficient, instant start. Typical light intensity on work surface is > 1076 lux in zero ambient conditions.