Floor Mounted Laboratory Hood

Floor Mounted Laboratory Hood

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Floor Mounted Laboratory Hood

Floor Mounted Laboratory Hood accommodate laboratory procedures that require oversized equipment or maximum working height. Models with vertical-rising sashes meet the standard of a low velocity high performance hood and may be operated as low as 60 fpm. Models with horizontal-sliding sashes have a loading height of 73.5inch (186.7 cm), suitable for applications requiring tall distillation racks, extraction apparatus or large drums.

Feature of Floor Mounted Laboratory Hood

  1. By-pass airflow design
  2. Dry powder, glacier white epoxy-coated steel exterior
  3. Chemical-resistant molded composite panel liner and adjustable upper and lower baffles with flame spread less than 25
  4. Removable front and side panels and exterior and interior service access panels for access to plumbing and electrical wiring
  5. Pre-wired instant-start fluorescent lighting, light and blower switches for 115 volt, 60 Hz operation
  6. Tempered safety glass vertical-rising sashes framed with PVC or epoxy-coated aluminum
  7. Tempered safety glass horizontal-sliding sashes with epoxy-coated aluminum frames and sash tracks.
  8. Factory prepared for up to eight service fixtures including two gooseneck faucets
  9. Factory prepared for up to four electrical duplex receptacles