Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

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Fluid Bed Dryer

The Fluid Bed Dryer is used in quality control, sample preparation and R&D departments. It permits the gentle drying of organic, inorganic, chemical or pharmaceutical bulk materials without localized overheating. Suitable materials can be coarse, fine, crystalline, fibrous or leafy. The powerful fan of the fluid bed dryer ensures optimal air throughput so that the products to be dried are loosened up and thoroughly mixed resulting in short drying times. With the interval operation the fluidized bed is mixed even better. Temperature, drying time and air volume can be set digitally and adjusted continuously.

Features of Fluid Bed Dryer  

  • Applications: drying
  • Field of application: agriculture, biology, chemistry / plastics, construction materials, environment / recycling, food, medicine / pharmaceuticals
  • Feed material    bulk materials and solids
  • Material feed size: > 100 µm
  • Volume flow: 185 m3/h
  • Time setting: digital, 1 - 99 min / continuous operation
  • Storable SOPs: 9
  • Temperature control: continuously adjustable, 40 - 130 °C (depending on air throughput rate)
  • Drying time: 5 - 20 min, depending on product, quantity, moisture content
  • Container volume: 1 x 6 l / 3 x 0.3 l
  • Electrical supply data: 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power connection: 1-phase
  • W x H x D: 400 x 1000 x 480 mm
  • Net weight: ~ 21 kg