Free Drop Testing Equipment

Free Drop Testing Equipment

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Free Drop Testing Equipment


  1. Use double-shaft and guide pillar structure, stable support the rising and falling process, do not appear swing phenomenon
  2. Use precise threaded rod to control rising and falling, precisely and quickly to fix position.
  3. The swing arm use ≥3g/sec acceleration to fall the test specimen during the dropping process.
  4. The machine will not go down automatically when abnormal outage during the test;the swing arm can realize the no pressure state automatically and do not be break away from the machine abnormally.
  5. The machine uses oil pressure buffer unit device which will adopt 90% kinetic energy to make the machine working stabled and low noise.




  1. Drop height range: 300---1500mm
  2. Maximum loading: 85Kg
  3. Height display: standard limb
  4. Form of the machine: single corber supporting test specimen,pneumatic droping
  5. Control mode: stick control
  6. Droping mode: freely drop
  7. Height adjustment: motor controls precise threaded rod to adjustment
  8. Test volume:800×800×800mm
  9. Corbel height:50cm
  10. Buffer gear: hydraulic pressure buffer
  11. Dimension of the machine(mm): 1500(W)×1200(L)×2150(H)
  12. Baseboard dimension(mm): 1500(W)×1200(L)×20(H)
  13. Power: single phase,220V,50HZ
  14. Air pressure requirement:7kg/cm2
  15. Weight: about 560kg