Freezer 6441

Freezer 6441

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Freezer 6441

  1. It can be integrated into a laboratory line or freed.
  2. User-friendly microprocessor technology.
  3. Comfortable control unit with digital display for entering and retrieving all safety-relevant values.
  4. Limits for over- and under-temperature alarm (1 - 20 K) adjustable.
  5. Additional control and alarm options, freely adjustable for various application situations.
  6. Maintaining the display and alarm functions for 60 hours in the event of a power failure (battery buffering).
  7. Electronic alarm system and potential-free contact for connection to a domestic alarm system or the central control system (ZLT).
  8. RS 232 serial interface for problem-free data transfer.
  9. Interior completely made of stainless steel and explosion-proof.
  10. Equipped with three drawers (height 155, 160, 165 mm).
  11. Magnetic sealing system reliably prevents the door seals from freezing.
  12. Energy-saving, maintenance-free refrigeration system. The refrigerant is not combustible. The all-round special insulation is up to 150 mm thick. The waste heat is only about 400 W.

Specifications of Freezer 6441

Temperature range

0 ° C to -40 ° C

Utility room

96 l

Working space dimensions (W x D x H)

430 x 430 x 510 mm

Exterior dimensions A (W x D x H)

900 x 770 x 890 mm

Outside dimensions B (W x D x H)

900 x 750 x 865 mm

Electrical connection

230 V / 50 Hz / 0.45 kW (other voltages and frequencies on request)

Net weight

Approx. 130 kg