Freezer 6443

Freezer 6443

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Freezer 6443

  1. User-friendly microprocessor technology.
  2. Comfortable control unit with digital display for entering and retrieving all safety-relevant values.
  3. Limits for over- and under-temperature alarm (1 - 20 K) adjustable.
  4. Additional control and alarm options, freely adjustable for various application situations.
  5. Maintaining the display and alarm functions for 60 hours in the event of a power failure (battery buffering).
  6. Electronic alarm system and potential-free contact for connection to a domestic alarm system or the central control system (ZLT).
  7. Interior completely made of stainless steel and explosion-proof.
  8. Magnetic sealing system reliably prevents the door seals from freezing.
  9. Additionally equipped with three inner compartments (height 353 mm), each protected by an insulation door against cold loss.
  10. Energy-saving, maintenance-free refrigeration system. The refrigerant is not combustible. The all-round special insulation is up to 150 mm thick. The waste heat is only about 400 W.
  11. Wide range of accessories, special designs on request.

Specifications of Freezer 6443

Temperature range

± 0 ° C to -40 ° C

Utility room

300 l

Working space dimensions (W x D x H)

600 x 450 x 1100 mm

Exterior dimensions A (W x D x H)

990 x 865 x 1940 mm

Outside dimensions B (W x D x H)

916 x 785 x 1940 mm

Electrical connection

230 V / 50 Hz / 0.6 kW (other voltages and frequencies on request)

Net weight

Approx. 250 kg