Friction Tester

Friction Tester

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Friction Tester

Evaluates the dynamic Friction Tester at reciprocatory contacts of dry or lubricated materials as the function of normal load, velocity, frequency, temperature, and time. A wide variety of materials including fluid lubricants, greases, cutting fluids, metals, composites, ceramics, polymers, and coatings can be tested. The test is conducted by pressing the test specimen against a ball, pin, or cylinder undergoing reciprocating linear motion, producing a sinusoidal velocity profile which allows for the monitoring of static and dynamic Friction Tester force over a wide range of linear sliding speeds. The test load, stroke, frequency, and temperature can be adjusted to simulate different conditions.

Specification of Friction Tester

1. Normal Load: 5-50N

2. Frequency: 1-50Hz

3. Stroke: 0-10mm (1-10Hz)

  • 0-5mm (10-20Hz)
  • 0-2mm (20-50Hz)

4. Temperature Range: ambient to 100°C

5. Test Duration: 0.1-999 min