Fully Automatic Horizontal Autoclave

Fully Automatic Horizontal Autoclave

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Fully Automatic Horizontal Autoclave

1. Vertical Sliding Door

  • Smooth Open/Close and Automatic Door Lock for Safety.

2. Slide Tray

  • For Easy and Safety Loading and Unloading

3. Drying efficiency is increased

  • Built-in High Performance Vacuum Pump.

4. Vapor condensing system improves working environment

  • Built-in Radiator effects the Exhaust Steam Cooling.

5. Effective Utilization of Footprint

  • Sliding Door System can offer the effective utilization by limited Footprint


  1. Effective capacity:  Effective 112liter / Nominal 124.9liter
  2. Chamber size(㎜) : 420φ×810D
  3. Outer dimensions(W×D×H㎜) : 691×1048×1372
  4. Max.Steril.temp: 135℃
  5. Process mode: 4-modes
  6. Net weight: 213kg