Fume Adsorber

Fume Adsorber

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Fume Adsorbers

Fume Adsorbers are geared for light duty histology cover slipping and staining areas. Activated carbon media adsorb organic odors and noxious vapors released by solvents like xylene and toluene while clean air is recirculated into the laboratory. These enclosures are low profile, completely portable and require no ductwork. They easily accommodate shallow countertops or those with overhanging cabinets.

Feature of Fume Adsorbers


  1. Built-in, motorized impeller to provide face velocity up to 35 fpm
  2. Activated carbon, formaldehyde or ammonia filter
  3. Glacier white, dry powder, epoxy-coated steel housing with perforated baffle for uniform airflow
  4. Clear, one-piece, 3/8inch thick, shatter-resistant acrylic canopy
  5. Quiet operation at 58-63 dBA
  6. Pre-wired with rear-mounted auxiliary electrical receptacle and top-mounted blower switch with circuit breaker
  7. Rear-mounted air sampling port
  8. Exterior dimensions: 15.4inch h x 23.4inch d
  9. Interior dimensions: 13.5inch h x 14.5inch d