Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer

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Gas Analyzer

The Gas Analyzer allows the measurement of respiratory gas concentrations from tiny insects through to humans. It houses an infrared carbon dioxide sensor and optical oxygen detector. The analyzer samples expired gas from a mixing chamber with a damped, micro-vacuum sampling pump. A flow control knob on the front of the unit provides sampling rates of 35 to 200 ml/min, although maximum flow values may vary for different sizes and lengths of tubing.

Technical Data:


  1. Sampling system: One CO2 and one O2 transducer fed from a damped, micro-vacuum pump.
  2. Gases: Must be non-corrosive and non-flammable. A moisture removal scheme must be employed before the sampling inlet.
  3. System sampling flow rate: Approximately 35–200 ml/min (user variable).
  4. Internal damping volume: 75 ml
  5. Gas connector: plastic uer
  6. Moisture filter: It is recommended that a 0.45μm hydrophobic membrane filter be fitted before the sampling inlet.
  7. Materials in contact with gas: 316 stainless steel, sapphire, Nylon 66, silicone rubber, epoxy varnish
  8. Warm-up time: 10 minutes at 20 °C


Operating Requirements


  1. Power supply: 85–250 VAC 50/60 Hz
  2. Peak power requirements: 60 VA
  3. Temperature range: 5–35 °C
  4. Humidity: 0–90% (non-condensing)