Gas Chromatography Apparatus

Gas Chromatography Apparatus

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Gas Chromatography Apparatus

The Gas Chromatography Apparatus is the world most widely used Gas Chromatography system. It features accurate temperature controls and precise injection systems “ plus enhanced Electronic Pneumatic Control (EPC) modules for the best retention times .

Features of Gas Chromatography Apparatus

  1. Carrier Gas Options Helium Conservation Module, Hydrogen Sensors and Alternate Carrier Gas Solutions dramatically reduce the amount of helium used  to offer flexibility in your laboratory.
  2. Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) provides better chromatographic separations and decrease sample preparation.
  3. Retention Time Locking (RTL) maintains retention times across injections, over time, and between instruments.
  4. Low Thermal Mass (LTM)  modules reduce inject to inject time with rapid column heating and cooling.
  5. Large Valve Oven (LVO) allows for the combination of multiple methods and simplified maintenance.
  6. Multimode inlet (MMI) serves as a programmable temperature vaporizing injector with multiple capabilities.
  7. Inert FlowPath helps you achieve better sensitivity, from injection to detection.