General Processing Platform Isolator

General Processing Platform Isolator

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General Processing Platform Isolator

The General Processing Platform Isolator (GPPI) is a highly adaptable, unidirectional laminar airflow isolator that can be used for sterility testing or other processes that require an ISO Class 5 aseptic environment. The  advanced control system allows the operator to select either positive or negative chamber pressure as well as single pass or recirculating airflow patterns. These features, along with the ability to perform safe change procedures on the supply and return ULPA filters, make the GPPI a highly versatile isolator that can be used for potent or non-potent aseptic materials.

Features of General Processing Platform Isolator

  1. Fully welded internal chambers with rounded coved corners
  2. Self-contained design of control system allow for simple, plug-in installation
  3. Safe change glove system allows the changing of gloves while maintaining aseptic conditions inside of the chambers
  4. Optional on-board air compressor eliminates the requirement for a site supplied compressed air connection allowing a simple electrical power plug in installation
  5. Integrated Hydraulic raise / lower mechanism facilitates delivery to fit through a standard doorway and includes automated height adjusted to each individual user optimal ergonomics
  6. Integrated particle monitoring connections and optional inclusion of the viable and non-viable monitoring equipment
  7. Automated pressure hold test