Graphite Digester

Graphite Digester

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Graphite Digester


  1. Anti-corrosion design: coating on the surface, acid/alkali proof.
  2. Heating uniform and fast: Adopt graphite block (antioxidant), heating faster and energy transfer faster, temperature between holes more uniform.
  3. Safety protection: adopt unique air duct insulation tech, keep the temperature ultra low, protect operator.


  1. Measurement range: 0.1%~100%
  2. Sample weight: 0.5g~3g
  3. Repeatability error: Craw Fiber Content below 10%, ≤0.4% | Craw Fiber Content above 10%, ≤1%
  4. Capacity: 6 pcs/batch
  5. Pre-heating time: 10-12min
  6. Heating to boiling: 13-15min
  7. Rated power: 2.2KW
  8. Power supply: 220 VAC ±10% 50Hz
  9. Dimension: 776mm×476mm×644mm