Grease Noise Tester

Grease Noise Tester

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Grease Noise Tester

The Grease Noise Tester evaluates the lubrication integrity of greases, providing a quantitative assessment of the noise characteristics of the Grease Noise Tester. The use of clean lubricants is essential for obtaining long bearing life. Many factors affect the degree of cleanliness of greases during normal operation. A clean grease for initial lubrication as well as relubrication is essential to ensure machine longevity. In applications where bearing fatigue life is not critical such as low operating loads, a clean grease is essential to ensure low bearing noise required for many electric motor applications. The Grease Noise Tester measures the specific disturbances caused by the rolling of particulates called vibration peaks, and features a proprietary Peak Detection Algorithm that singles out these vibration peaks from the total bearing vibration signal. The number of vibration peaks and their intensity are analyzed to determine a quantitative value for quiet running behavior of the bearing.

Specification of Grease Noise Tester

1. Electrical Requirements

  • 400-460V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

2. Dimensions:

  • 56.5x25.5x70 (141x65x170)
  • Net Weight: 1870 lbs (850 kg)