Heated Processing Chamber

Heated Processing Chamber

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Heated Processing Chamber

  1. Ideal for work with biological samples, microelectronics-based surgical tools, medical implants, and other critical components requiring above-ambient calibration or testing
  2. Recirculation system ensures uniform heating of the internal environment up to 140°F (62°C)
  3. Transparent polycarbonate front and sides allow full visibility of chamber
  4. Hinged access door with PVC parting curtain allows introduction of large materials when opened, provides convenient access with minimal heat loss when closed
  5. Dual air diffusers and plenum-chamber ensure uniform circulation of heated air

Features of Heated Processing Chamber

  1. Stainless steel heater housing with polycarbonate viewing enclosure
  2. Set-point control of heating module (up to 140 degrees constant)
  3. Hinged access door with PVC parting strips