Heating And Stirring Mantle

Heating And Stirring Mantle

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Heating And Stirring Mantle

Heating And Stirring Mantle is simply achieved by placing the correct style and sized magnetic stir bar into the flask, selecting the minimum speed on the stirring dial control and then ramping up slowly to the required speed. The correct style and size of stir bar is determined according to the flask volume and the viscosity of its contents.

Features of Heating And Stirring Mantle

  1. Round bottom flask capacity of between 100ml - 5000ml
  2. Stirring speed up to 2000rpm
  3. Auto-recapture of magnetic stir bar; simple switch to re-activate stirring
  4. Element temperatures up to 450°C
  5. Built-in energy regulator
  6. Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
  7. Replaceable insulated heater and stirring cartridge
  8. An easy to clean powder coated aluminium outer casing
  9. Non-skid feet and support rod bracket
  10. Added safety features such as a grounded earth screen and double fuses