Heating And Stirring Mantle

Heating And Stirring Mantle

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Heating And Stirring Mantle

The Heating And Stirring Mantle has the added functionality of stirring which widens the range of applications. Stirring operation is simply achieved by placing the correct size stir bar into the flask, turning the stir control to the minimum speed and ramping up slowly. If the magnetic coupling to the stir bar is lost for any reason, the stir speed control should be reduced slightly and the auto-recapture switch can be activated. 

Features of Heating And Stirring Mantle


  1. Accepts round bottom flasks from 50ml to 2 litres capacity
  2. Bi-directional stirring speeds up to 520rpm
  3. Stir bar "auto-recapture" function
  4. "Cool-to-touch" design
  5. Maximum element temperature 450°C
  6. Built-in energy regulator
  7. Replaceble insulated heater cartridge
  8. Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
  9. A chemically resistant polypropylene outer casing
  10. A grounded earth screen and double fuses for extra safety
  11. Bracket for 1.3cm support rods