Heating Mantle

Heating Mantle

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Heating Mantle

Heating Mantle may accommodate 60° funnels, pear-shaped or round botom flasks. They have been designed to accept a large range of flasks and funnel sizes for added flexibility. The stainless steel screen on all Heating Mantle covers the heater element to protect you from shock hazards due to spills or flask breakage. The Heating Mantle feature a stainless steel liner over the heating element to provide additional electrical and mechanical protection against spills and ensures easier cleaning.

Features of Heating Mantle


  1. Bottom opening accommodates round bottom and pear-shaped flasks and 60° funnels of various diameters
  2. Capacity between 10ml to 5 litres
  3. Coiled heating element, suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge, provides maximum heat transfer and support
  4. "Cool-to-touch" outer casing
  5. Maximum element temperature 450°C
  6. Built-in energy regulator
  7. Replaceable insulated heater cartridge
  8. Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
  9. Chemically resistant polypropylene outer casing
  10. Bracket for 1.3cm support rods