Horizontal Dilatometer

Horizontal Dilatometer

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Horizontal Dilatometer

For highest measurement accuracy, provides a truly differential measurement. Measuring only the difference between the sample and the reference specimen, the True Differential design negates the influence of measurement system expansion on the sample measurement.

Specification of Horizontal Dilatometer

 Sample length 0 to 50 mm 0 to 50 mm
 Sample diameter: max. 7 or 10 mm after conversion: 14 or 20 mm max. 7 or 10 mm after conversion: 14 or 20 mm
 Measuring systems: Fused silica, graphite Fused silica
 Change of length: 4 mm 4 mm
 Length Resolution: 10 nm 20 nm
 Temperature Resolution: 0.05 Deg C 0.1 Deg C
 Accuracy in  α: 0.01 x 10-6 K-1 0.03 x 10-6 K-1
 Operation mode: horizontal horizontal
 Atmosphere: vacuum, inert gas, air air