Humid Coal Hammer Crusher

Humid Coal Hammer Crusher

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Humid Coal Hammer Crusher

5E-HCA400×260 Humid Coal Hammer Crusher is especially designed to crush humid coal.


  1. Design of vibrating sieve plate structure leads to high moisture adaptability and less moisture loss to avoid blocking
  2. Hermetic structure improving the operation environment and easy for cleaning
  3. Equipped with 13mm and 6mm sieve plate, the discharge size is even and good.
  4. Good safety with the transmission protection design.
  5. Durable materials for hammer decrease the maintenance cost.


  1. Feed Size: ≤150mm
  2. Discharge Size: ≤6mm / ≤13mm
  3. Customized sieve hole size: available
  4. Moisture Adaptability: ≤20%
  5. Approx. Hardness of Feeding Sample: HRC45-52
  6. Throughput: 1800kg/h
  7. Noise: ≤95dB
  8. Power Supply: 3 phases, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz, 5.5kW
  9. Net Weight: 350kg
  10. Dimensions (L×W×H): 730mmx1120mmx1200mm