Impact Tester IT

Impact Tester IT

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Impact Tester IT

The Bond Impact Tester IT consists of two hammers mounted on a pendulum and is used for the determination of the Crushing Work Index (CWI).  This index describes the competency of ores at larger particle sizes and serves to calculate the energy actually required for the crushing process. At least 10 samples, preferably 20, should be tested. Each broken stone has to pass a 3 inch square mesh and falls on a 2 inch square mesh.

Features of Impact Tester IT

  • Applications: Quantification of the breaking characteristics of ores and minerals
  • Field of application: Construction materials, environment / recycling, geology / metallurgy
  • Material feed size: < 76 mm / > 50 mm
  • Square mesh: 3" and 2"
  • Crushing angle: adjustable from 10° up to 150° in steps by 5°
  • Batch size / feed quantity: variable
  • Number of processes: 20 samples
  • Processing time: variable
  • Evaluation: calculation of required energy input
  • Electrical supply data: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power connection: 1-phase
  • Net weight: ~ 370 kg