In Line Process Analysis

In Line Process Analysis

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In Line Process Analysis

Feed Milling System is based on NIR high resolution diode array technology, providing non destructive analysis, directly in the process line without bypass. The analyser is housed in a robust cabinet. Results can be fed into your production/SCADA system and/or be presented on a screen in the production area for rapid adjustments of your process. Precise instrument matching enhances method development, minimise implementation efforts and ensures calibration model transferability between analyser.

Features of In Line Process Analysis


  1. High resolution diode array technology for accurate and continuous analysis
  2. Built-in instrument standardisation for quick and simple implementation
  3. Dedicated sample interfaces providing accuracy and rapid implementation
  4. Instant measurement of complete wavelength range for direct measurement of fast moving samples
  5. Quantitative and qualitative data for better in-line process control
  6. Consistent and uninterrupted analytical accuracy with Dual lamp backup technology
  7. Integrated intelligent calibration tool, enables anyone to develop calibrations
  8. Interface for integration to local control systems enables automatic regulation.