Incapacitance Meter

Incapacitance Meter

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Incapacitance Meter

In the Incapacitance test, the animal is located in a holder specially designed to maintain the animal comfortably positioned on two separated sensor plates. The Incapacitance tester enables then to quantify the spontaneous postural changes reflecting spontaneous pain by independently measuring the weight that the animal applies each hind paw on two separate sensors. In the absence of hind paw injury, rats applied equal weight on both hind paws, indicating a postural equilibrium. After unilateral hind paw tissue injury, a change in the weight distribution on the sensor can be detected, with a lower weight applied by the injured paw.

Features of Incapacitance Meter

  1. Assess spontaneous pain in absence of the application any experimental noxious or non-noxious stimulus
  2. Specially designed animal holders (mouse and rat) to get relevant results more rapidly
  3. Data given using user selected unit (grams, Newton, oz./lbs.)
  4. Easy and precise instrument