Isothermal Microcalorimetry

Isothermal Microcalorimetry

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Isothermal Microcalorimetry

The large number of independent and parallel sample-measurements makes this system the optimal solution for sample screening, formulation, and process development. Isothermal Microcalorimetry is equally useful in research laboratories as in industrial laboratories including pharmaceutical production control.

Features of Isothermal Microcalorimetry


  1. New and more responsive temperature control provides rapid thermal equilibration and extended temperature range of 4 °C to 150 °C for real-world cold storage applications.
  2. Unmatched temperature stability for accurate heat flow measurement in experiments that last anywhere from a few hours to days and weeks
  3. 48 calorimeter positions that can be equipped with up to 48 4 mL Minicalorimeters, each of which operates simultaneously and independently for high-throughput microcalorimetric measurements