Kjeldahl Method

Kjeldahl Method

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Kjeldahl Method

The Kjeldahl Method program for the determination of nitrogen using the Kjeldahl method provides the user individually configurable complete solutions for the laboratory.

The Kjeldahl method consist of the following components:


  • Digestion Unit
  • Scrubber
  • Steam Distillation
  • Titration Station


Applications of Kjeldahl Method

1. Nitrogen Determination is used for many applications including:


  • Protein content of feedstuff
  • Protein content of food
  • Crude protein content
  • Total Nitrogen in soil, fertilizers, and sewage sludge


2. Areas of application include dairies, meats, biogas plants, preserves, canned foods, cocoa, spirits, coffee, nuts, feedstuffs, wastewater, etc.