Labclave 23 Cylindrical Autoclave

Labclave 23 Cylindrical Autoclave

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Labclave 23 Cylindrical Autoclave

The Labclave 23 is low-cost 23-litre laboratory autoclave.

With 8 preset cycles plus one programmable cycle, Labclave 23 has been designed to offer effective and fast sterilization of many laboratory load types, and taking up a floor area of just 460mm x 395mm, Labclave 23 has to be one of the most compact units available.

  • Autoclave Capacity: 23 litres
  • Section: Cylindrical
  • Loading: Top
  • Heating Source: In-chamber heaters


  1. High grade stainless steel pressure vessel
  2. Push-button door closure
  3. Flexible control system
  4. Post Vacuum system
  5. Air Cooled Condensate Unit Cooling Options
  6. Built-in printer