Laboratory Hood

Laboratory Hood

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Laboratory Hood

The patented Laboratory Hood is designed to meet the needs of instructional laboratories. Clear back and sides and taller front viewing window provide enhanced visibility for conducting chemistry demonstrations or observing students using the hood. The clear back also does not obstruct visibility when hoods are placed back-to-back in an island configuration.

Features of Laboratory Hood

  1. Tempered safety glass sides, back and baffle provide maximum visibility and are removable for cleaning.
  2. Unique sash conserves energy yet provides maximum height visibility of 39inch.
  3. Ergonomic 5Degree angled sash and panel allow closer, more comfortable viewing, without glare.
  4. Vertical-rising sash from closed to 29inch fully open height for loading and cleaning
  5. 8.63inch ID epoxy-coated steel exhaust connection
  6. Anti-racking shaft provides smooth vertical sash movement.
  7. By-pass airflow design
  8. Tissue screen located directly below the exhaust outlet prevents debris from potentially damaging the remote blower.