Laser Scanning Microscope

Laser Scanning Microscope

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Description of Laser Scanning Microscope

With the Laser Scanning Microscope, countless possibilities for deep tissue observation are finally realized. The system delivers unmatched high-speed imaging, essential for capturing the dynamic in vivo response, with fine laser control pinpointing the precise site for optimum excitation efficiency - even deep within the sample. Accompanied by high S/N-ratio imaging and dedicated multi photon objectives, efficient detection of scattered fluorescence photons is also ensured. Optimized for reaching greater imaging depths, the system also features simultaneous dual-wavelength excitation

Specification of Laser Scanning Microscope

Scanning and Detection

Main Scanner

Standard Laser Ports


Field Number (NA)



A motorized focus module inside the microscope is used Minimum increment: 0.01 μm

Transmitted Light Detector Unit

Module with integrated external transmitted light photomultiplier detector and 100 W Halogen lamp, motorized switching, fi ber adaptation to microscope frame






Optional Unit

SIM Scanner


Dimensions, Weight and Power Consumption

Microscope with Scan Unit

Dimensions (mm)

Vibration isolation table size:

One Laser and Dual Lines System: 1500 mm x 1650 mm (1500 mm x 1800 mm with Inverted Microscope System)

Twin Lasers System: 1500 mm x 2000 mm

Operating Environment (Indoor Use)

Ambient Temperature

Room temperature: 20 – 25Deg C

Maximum Relative Humidity

75 % or less at 25 °C requires continuous (24-hour) power supply