LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolator

LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolator

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LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolator

This Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (CACI) with ¼" lead shielding provides advanced user and product protection when compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals. These barrier isolators provide cleanroom conditions within a contained workspace and they are ideal for use in clinics, hospital care units, main and satellite pharmacies.

Features of LFGI Series Radiopharmacy Isolator

  1. Meets USP 797 compliance without expense for pharmacy ventilation renovations
  2. ISO Class 5/Class 100 Isolator eliminates requirement for an ISO Class 8 cleanroom
  3. ¼" lead shielding (located in back, sides, bottom and front of work area) protects while compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals
  4. Fits most major brand dose calibrators
  5. 100% stainless steel construction
  6. Provides fully controlled environment with 100% HEPA filtration of supply and exhaust air from work area and antechamber
  7. Stainless steel construction inside and outside encapsulates lead between interior and exterior panels