Life Science Spectrophotometer

Life Science Spectrophotometer

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Life Science Spectrophotometer

  1. Life Science Spectrophotometer
  2. 5nm spectral bandwidth
  3. Absorbance range -0.3 to 2.5A
  4. Pre-programmed for DNA/RNA analysis
  5. Purity scan across entire wavelength range
  6. Pre-programmed methods for protein analysis
  7. Standard spectrophotometer functions
  8. Press to read xenon lamp
  9. Small footprint

Specification of Life Science Spectrophotometer

Wavelength Range

198 to 1000nm

Light source

Xenon lamp

Wavelength Resolution


Wavelength Accuracy

± 2nm

Wavelength Repeatability

± 0.5nm

Spectral bandwidth


Photometric Transmittance

0 to 199.9%

Photometric Absorbance

- 0.300 to 2.500A

Photometric Accuracy*

± 1%T, ± 0.01Abs at 1.000 Absorbance

Photometric Resolution

0.1%T, 0.001A

Concentration/Quantitation Range

0 to 9999

Concentration Calibration

Blank with a single standard or factor