Liquid Chromatography System

Liquid Chromatography System

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Liquid Chromatography System

The Altus HPLC System is a high performance Liquid Chromatography instrument that delivers consistent and comprehensive analytical workflows for predictable and reproducible results. The unit has a 120-vial capacity for seamless transition between samples. With an optimized design and interface features geared for all user levels, the Altus HPLC is ideal for daily standard lab analysis and for meeting stringent regulations and requirements.

Features of Liquid Chromatography System

  1. Delivers extremely low detection limits of highly complex samples
  2. Four separate detection systems: UV/Vis, Refractive Index, Photodiode Array, and Multi fluourescence
  3. Capacity: up to 120 standard-sized vials in a 5 carousel compartment
  4. Built-in integrated fluidics for reproducible retention times between runs and instruments; ensures quick management of leaks and spills; helps eliminate sample-carryover with user set needle wash duration
  5. Maintains constant temperature within the column and an integrated solvent and sample dispersion system delivers reproducible results even between instruments