Low Temperature Viscosity

Low Temperature Viscosity

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Low Temperature Viscosity


  1. Sample soaking and testing in a single bath, eliminating the need for an air bath and the risk of sample temperature rise during transfer
  2. Redesigned for improved control of sample movement and handling during testing
  3. Microprocessor PID temperature control duplicates the sample cooling rates
  4. Up to 40 cooling testing temperature profiles can be stored in memory


Specifications of Low Temperature Viscosity

1. Conforms to the specifications of:

  • Sample capacity: 10 samples
  • Temperature control: Microprocessor PID digital-indicating programmable
  • controller with ±0.05°C steady state stability
  • Operating Range: ambient to 55°C

2. Electrical Requirements:

  • 220-240V 50 or 60Hz, Single Phase, 12.6A

3. Dimensions

  • 41x34x38 (104x86.5x96.5)
  • Net Weight: 327 lbs (148.5kg)