Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

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Mass Spectrometry

Resolution FTMS technology enables scientists to see vital "hidden" information that is missing in data from other types of mass spectrometers. This advanced technology addresses the needs of specialists in a variety of focus areas (e.g. small molecules, petroleum, lipids, metabolomics, etc.) that all desire efficient and precise solutions for their analytical problems. The unique value of this technology is isotopic fine structure, resulting in unmatched confidence for compound identification that required guesswork before solariX XR. Chemical information can now be easily obtained in an efficient and cost-effective way, using cutting edge technology featuring the enhanced, redesigned ParaCell as the key technology enabling eXtreme Resolution.

Technical Details of Mass Spectrometry

  • Ultimate mass resolving power in excess of RP = 10,000,000
  • RP = 295,000 at m/z 400 and 1 s transient time
  • FTICR technology providing unrivaled mass accuracy
  • Apollo II Ion Funnel Electrospray Source enabling high ion transmission efficiency over a broad mass range
  • 4 Hz polarity switching
  • Hybrid Qh Front End supporting for enrichment of low abundant species
  • Optimized ion optics for sensitivity and mass range coverage
  • Proprietary ParaCell ICR detector
  • High performance low noise preamplifier
  • Absorption Mode Processing (AMP)
  • Low noise preamplifier
  • Nanobay-E Acquisition electronics enabling data streaming for increased broad-band resolution
  • Ultrastable low cost, low maintenance 7T magnet
  • Wide range of fragmentation techniques including in-source collision induced dissociation (CID), CID in collision cell, Electron capture dissociation (ECD) and sustained off resonance irradiation (SORI) CID in cell.