Mass Spectrometry MicroTOF Focus II

Mass Spectrometry MicroTOF Focus II

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Mass Spectrometry MicroTOF focus II

Molecular Formula Verification, De novo Formula Generation, Multi-Target Screening, Biomarker Discovery and Intact Protein Analysis are just a few application examples which can be covered by high performance TOF-MS systems.

Technical data of Mass Spectrometry MicroTOF focus II

A resolution of >16.500 FWHM (typically 18.000 FWHM) and a mass accuracy of <2ppm makes the micrOTOF II the reference instrument in its class. This performance was achieved by development of new ion optics in combination with improved calibration routines. A wide variety of ion sources makes the micrOTOF the most flexible instrument in the market. ESI, ESI-nano, APCI, APPI are just a few examples for possible ionisation techniques. The newly developed GC/APCI source enables the coupling of a LC or a GC on the same instrument. Even laser ionisation with outstanding selectivity and sensitivity is possible.