Mass Spectrometry Rapiflex MALDI

Mass Spectrometry Rapiflex MALDI

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Mass Spectrometry Rapiflex MALDI

  1. It effectively eliminates confirmatory assays typically required of traditional fluorescence-based screening techniques
  2. Saves costs for developing specific fluorescence probes or antibodies
  3. Doesn’t require expensive solvents or consumables for continuous operation
  4. Allow sample volume down to 25nl

Technical data of Mass Spectrometry Rapiflex MALDI

The all new rapifleX MALDI Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer is the heart of the MALDI PharmaPulse: it is the only MALDI mass spectrometer with 10 kHz scanning laser technology and measures up to 10 samples per second. All components of the system work in concert for fully automatic HTS operation. The newly designed screening software suite supports HTS workflows and works in combination with a proprietary assay development module which empowers assay developer to accelerate label-free assay development for MALDI Mass Spectrometry.