Meat Process Control System

Meat Process Control System

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Meat Process Control System

Meat Process Control System gives continuous “real time” measurements of fat content and weight of all the meat passing through the instrument on its built-in conveyor. It can scan up to 38 tons per hour and also performs foreign object detection. Options include an after grinder version and a compact version (Approx. 1.5 meters) when space is tight.

Features of Meat Process Control System


  1. Optimize use of raw material
  2. Do fast standardization of batches
  3. Increase line efficiency by reducing time for manual sampling, sample preparing, testing, possible adjustment, re-work and so on
  4. Improved brand recognition leading to more sales from improved final product quality and consistency
  5. Prevent foreign objects from entering the production, causing potential damage to the machinery
  6. Do supplier evaluation - to check if delivered raw materials are according to specifications.