Mechanical Vibration Test Equipment

Mechanical Vibration Test Equipment

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Mechanical Vibration Test Equipment


  1. Sweep frequency test, do not need calculate nor set many parameters;
  2. Can vibration frequency, vibration times and test time;
  3. Perfect test function, can achieve: constant frequency, linear sweep frequency, logarithm sweep  frequency test function, meet different test requirements;
  4. Equip with curve display, can real time monitoring frequency change
  5. Use centrifugal four points synchronization inverse kinematics method, average vibration on the table-board, less sidewise movement
  6. Equip with vibration absorber device, do not need special foundation positioning


Wave Form

Sine Wave

Frequency Range

10-55Hz or customized by requirement

Vibrating range

1.5 mmp-p

Vibrating direction

vertical and horizontal 

Test Pattern

Fixed Frequency, Sweep Frequency


1 phase   220V