Micro Bead Sterilizer

Micro Bead Sterilizer

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Micro Bead Sterilizer

DIDAC bead sterilizer provides convenient disinfection and sterilization of small research tools to help prevent the spread of contamination during multiple procedures. A hot bead sterilizer inactivates microorganisms without the hazard of using an open flame, making it much safer than other methods. The chamber temperature is adjustable within the range of 100°C to 300°C, which means that this sterilizer can be used with instruments that incorporate heat-resistant plastics.

Feature of Micro Bead Sterilizer


  1. Useful for quickly sterilizing forceps, scalpels, scissors, and other dissection tools
  2. Also available in a taller size to accommodate larger items
  3. Outer casing won’t get hot, even with continuous use
  4. Included safety cover also helps speed up preheating and minimizes wasted energy
  5. Compact size saves space in your work area
  6. Reaches 300°C in about 25 minutes
  7. LED display shows the temperature setting
  8. Safe for use in hoods