Micro Gas Chromatography

Micro Gas Chromatography

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Micro Gas Chromatography

The Micro Gas Chromatography is a rugged, compact, laboratory quality gas chromatograph that delivers information you need, wherever you need it. The fifth generation Micro Gas Chromatography is designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease-of use. You can customize with options including column modules and optimized sample conditioning to achieve greater sensitivity and performance. Your Micro Gas Chromatography arrives pre-configured, factory tested for your analysis and ready to go.

Features of Micro Gas Chromatography

  1. Fast, precise gas analysis in seconds, not minutes with narrow-bore capillary, PLOT or micro-packed columns to bring improved product quality and more exact product valuation to your field applications
  2. Flexibility to run in the lab, at-line or on-line with up to four independent analytical GC channels, each with pneumatics, injector, column and detector. Quickly reconfigure for any application
  3. Increase Monitoring Frequency through micro-electronic gas control with optional time-programmable backflush so you can inject samples while eliminating components that could foul the column and reduce lifetime
  4. Quick and easy start up so you can get the results and ruggedness you demand in the lab and in the field. You can move from location to location and get results in minutes.