Micro Natural Gas Analyzer

Micro Natural Gas Analyzer

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Micro Natural Gas Analyzer

The Micro Natural Gas Analyzers are equipped with multiple column channels; each channel includes a micro-machined capillary column and thermal conductivity detector, enabling very fast analysis times (typically less than 75 seconds). The Micro Natural Gas Analyzers are shipped as a total solution; factory tuned for optimal separation and come with a complete analytical method, a user manual and a check-out sample

Features of Micro Natural Gas Analyzer


  1. Very small, portable Micro GC can be operated in remote environments with complete operational simplicity, does not require a high degree of operator skill.
  2. Turnkey configuration, the NGA arrives ready-to-go with proven Micro GC hardware and software, pre-loaded with analysis methods and documentation to ensure compliance with standard methods to determine the heating value of natural gases and related streams.
  3. Fast analysis of NGA analytes with typical total analysis cycle time of 75 seconds.
  4. Small system volume with micro-machined injector and TCD provides optimum analysis for sample streams with low sample component concentration.
  5. Flexibility to analyze natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas liquids (NGL) by use of specialized sample conditioners to ensure sample integrity for the measurements of the composition of LPG or NGL streams. Determine other components of interest, e.g. sulfur compounds, to ensure suitability for use in downstream processes.