Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II

Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II

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Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II

Conforming to the strictest of safety standards, SafeFAST are Microbiological Safety Cabinets Class II designed and built to the performance requirements. 70% of the air is recirculated via the main Class filter within the cabinet, whilst the remaining 30% is discharged through an exhaust Class filter.

Specification ofMicrobiological Safety Cabinet Class II

  1. Rear wall in stainless steel: Designed to conform with the requirements and pass the “cleanability test” Work surface consisting of sections which are easily removed for carrying out routine cleaning and/or autoclaving sterilization procedures. These can be solid or perforated on request.
  2. Recirculating and extractor fans: The ‘S’ Series SafeFAST Elite is supplied with a single centrifugal fan. The ‘D’ Series is supplied with a double centrifugal fan to provide complete operator, product and environmental protection.
  3. Microprocessor based monitoring system: Full status report provided via digital display by new generation microprocessors, which automatically control all functions and all safety alarm systems to ensure that performance characteristics are maintained requirements. A high power lithium battery keeps safety data saved to microprocessor system.