Microplate Centrifuge

Microplate Centrifuge

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Microplate Centrifuge

The Microplate Centrifuge offers stable high-speed centrifugation for 3-second cycle times. The Microplate Centrifuge is a small robot-accessible automated centrifuge that provides both vibration and noise control in a small, low-maintenance package. Ideal for high- or medium-throughput applications such as PCR purification, cell harvesting, and air bubble removal in high-density microplates, the Microplate Centrifuge is capable of rapid customizable acceleration and deceleration, minimizing the required cycle time. With a 3-second loading time and robust motion control, the Microplate Centrifuge can be accessed by most laboratory microplate handlers/robots.

Features of Microplate Centrifuge


  1. Compact Footprint – Takes up very little bench space and fits easily into integrated systems
  2. Universally Accessible – With the automated centrifuge loader and high-throughput door design, the Microplate Centrifuge can be integrated with many robotic systems
  3. Stackable Design – Multiple Microplate Centrifuge units can be stacked on each other, increasing the system throughput without adding to the footprint
  4. Low Vibration – Dampening isolates vibration from mounting surface and minimizes impact on adjacent instruments
  5. Optional Microplate Loader – Facilitates microplate hand-off and placement into one of two internal centrifuge microplate carriers