Microplate Handler

Microplate Handler

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Microplate Handler

The Microplate Handler is a compact, microplate storage and handling system designed for integration with a variety of laboratory devices. The Microplate Handler features a high-speed robot, and its modular design provides the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of the most diverse laboratory applications. The Microplate Handler can be powered by the VWorks software or accessed through its control for integration into any other software platform.

Features of Microplate Handler


  1. High Speed – 8-second transfer time from stack to instrument
  2. Flexible Capacity – 2-, 4-, or 6-rack options for a maximum of 360 standard microplates
  3. Scalable Configuration – Integration of multiple instruments into a single benchtop system
  4. Convenience – Storage and handling of most microplates, lidded microplates, tipboxes and tube racks
  5. Freedom – 66% more walk-away time than competitive systems
  6. Expediency – Delidding function removes and replaces microplate lids as necessary
  7. Intelligence – VWorks includes a labware database capable of managing most labware, including standard microplates, filter plates, deep-well microplates, tipboxes, and tube racks