Microplate Seal System

Microplate Seal System

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Microplate Seal System

The Microplate Seal accurately pierces a wide variety of seals on 96- or 384-well microplates in only 4 seconds of cycle time. Microplate Seal is a complementary instrument to the Thermal Microplate Sealer and can be used either as a standalone unit, or integrated into a robotic system. A hardware interlock on the front door provides maximum safety to the operator.

Features of Microplate Seal


  1. Simple User Interface – Push-button operation for standalone applications or automated operation via host PC, indicator lights to alert the operator of machine status, and a microplate alignment sensor
  2. Interchangeable Piercing Head – Interchangeable 96- or 384-pin heads are available with a variety of pin-plate designs and guarantee a clean, controlled puncture every time with a penetration depth of 3 mm, even with deep-well microplates
  3. Easy Plate Access – Hand loading via operator for manual operation or articulated arm robot able to fully access plate stage for higher throughput applications